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Working through Anger Without Losing Your Head

Working through Anger Without Losing Your Head

Article: 8 Strategies to Work Through Anger and Resentment

There are specific actions you can take to address feelings of anger and resentment in more healthy and helpful ways:

  1. Practice identifying and allowing yourself to feel the underlying emotions that anger may be superimposed upon—such as hurt or fear.

  2. Practice being consciously present with your anger and resentment.

  3. Identify how you may have contributed to the situation(s) that you are angry or resentful about.

  4. Practice expressing anger and resentment differently.

  5. Learn and practice relaxation and self-calming techniques.

  6. As difficult as it may be, endeavor to practice treating people you feel angry at or have resentment toward with kindness and compassion.

  7. Resist the urge to be a channel for the anger and resentment of others.

  8. Practice applying the understanding that unless you’ve learned how to change the past, it’s as good as it’s ever going to get!

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