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Identifying the Value Being Served

Identifying the Value Being Served

Finding Flexibility in Behavioral Expression

Today, we're looking at assessing Behavior through a Values-based lens:

  • Behavior is often considered spontaneous or deliberate in response to another action.

  • Behavior is actually an attempt to shape some facet of reality to match perception.

  • Perception is guided by worldview, which is about prediction and the feeling of security in "knowing" how things work or will react.

  • As with all perception, there must be a locus or place from which the perspective is being created, an origin point.

  • That origin point is Values.

Connecting Values to Behavior through Behavior

  • Each person's Value is guided by a Narrative.

  • Each person's Behavior is an attempt to bring about that Narrative in practice.

  • A person may and likely is to have more than one Value and Narrative running at a given time, though will only be conscious of one.

  • Which one comes up will depend on the context of the situation, including who is confronting them.

  • Concluding Point:

    • Behavior is fundamentally about serving a Value, something that someone cares about and that you likely do as well. The difference is not their humanity, or that they don't care about Life/Liberty/Freedom/Love, etc., it's that their Narrative or Worldview is different. Attacking the Value will only encourage increased anxiety and therefore a desire to reduce such, which means doing more and stronger Behavior to bring about their Narrative. If, instead the Narrative is understood and shown how Values can be supported in different ways, then the anxiety is reduced, and flexibility can happen.

Humanity’s Values
Humanity’s Values Podcast
An exploration and critique of the Values guiding human behavior, and the Narratives used to justify them.